Figures, from Älvdalen's Dagcenter, resembles Böbö-kalln creatures.

Status Folklore
Date (unknown)
Location Älvdalen, Dalarna (Sweden)
Eyewitness (unknown)

Böbökalln is a legendary creature from Älvdalen, Dalarna (Sweden) which was used for scaring children in (uppfostrande syfte) to (hålla barnen i schack om de var olydiga). More research is needed to confirm this creature as either myth or reality.


There was a claim made by (name not provided) an art teacher in Älvdalen that Böbökalln was just imagination to scare children, though considerably more information is needed.

Another claim made by (name not provided) was that Böbökalln was a creature, or man, which took and abducted children in old days.

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